A first shot at overall WP structure on Google Drive (thanks WeMake)

I just realized that WeMake’s @Cristina_Martellosio has uploaded a spreadsheet view of the whole project, divided into WPs. Thanks, Cristina, well done!

We have done our own homework, also on the Drive, but I think Cristina’s format is more conducive to see the project’s “big picture”, so we will add our proposed activities onto Cristina’s spreadsheet. @markomanka, @melancon, @Lakomaa, where do you stand with respect to this?


Hi again @Cristina_Martellosio,

So if it’s OK with you I am copying all WP1 activities into your spreadsheet, following your format for numbering: Task 1.1 with activities 1.1.1, 1.1.2 etc.

I have also changed the number of months for Edgeryders WP 1 from 1-6 to 1-24. We will be deploying research tools and hosting events all throughout the project. In my understanding, the ER community activation and input gathering will happen mostly in year 1, but keeping it alive and nurturing new iterations also falls within our scope… so 24 months.

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