A game to realize the Insight

My name is Ana-Maria and I am 30, working to implement youth projects. I work for two not-for-profit organizations: Pontes and for the Association for People with neurofibromatosis. I’ve been with them ever since the beginning in 2006.

My curiosity and the desire to find rational responses have led me to end up doing this. Now, as far as I can remember the questions have been relating the nature of human beings. Why are humans dual individuals? Why a parent lies to her child? Why? Why…?

I found support to answer these questions in the possibility to observe the people around me, and myself. For the future I aspire to meet the right people who could help and facilitate putting my ideas into practice. Like for example people who believe my ideas have value and can work towards the support of others.

My project or my innovative idea concerns a specific game: outdoors or indoors, this will be a game that will allow people to make a step forward so as to realize the insight. Specifically, this is the moment when you leave yourself time for reflecting and for finding answers. The notions that form the thought/thinking are not disposed chaotically, they are organized and ordered hierarchically in a systematic manner. Many talk about the pyramid of notions and about judgement. Individuals need examples, we are not designed to understand instinctively. In psychology criticizing actually means judging, whereas encouraging is a synomym for affirming. The game consists of a circle with 2 meters in diameter, it will have precise notions written on it, and people will select a word and sit on it for thinking. The goal is to create a reflection space, and it can be played in parks, institutions, organizations, schools, even malls.

Hello Ana-Maria,

Glad to

Hello Ana-Maria,

Glad to meet you. I enjoyed reading your mission report and your project of a game looks promising.

You said something that caught my attention: you said that “we are not designed to understand instinctively”. Then you described what happens when someone is experiencing separation (ie you talked about judgment).

There exists for the human being a possibility of seeing the world and experiencing perception in a different manner, than the one we normally experience. This phycho-physiological mechanism dormant in every human being, rests on an hitherto unsuspected activity of the cerebrospinal system.

I believe that you are having an intuitive perception of this for the moment. It usually gets triggered around the age of 35.

Many Edgeryders participants have paths exploring similar aspects of reality. Check out what Andres DaVila, Dante, Involute conduit, Serge Meunier, etc.

New Games

Have you heard of The New Games Book (and movement!) I think you’ll find it extremely interesting, it has all kinds of games which people invented to try and change the way we think about play and about life. It’s a great read, I hope you’ll be able to find a copy, I’m sure you will enjoy it.