A Jump Start

I want to start up my first Matera stay early.  In some ways this is forced upon me, by the available dates that I had set aside in October/November (see below) being now claimed for LOTE#3.

Is it possible to become a mini-unMo for two in August?  I want to take co-worker/director/actress Sabrina Giampetrone to start work on what can grow to be a wonderful Matera theatre tradition.  Aspects of this project were mentioned in my project proposal submitted in April – However, since no one has acknowledged ever seeing this proposal (including Ben?), I provide this link to the unMo blog pages :  http://www.unmonastery.eu/blog/?p=12

Since this time the project has increased its definition.  Nadia and Andrea have expressed interest and plans are to make this idea grow over the next year.  Theatre people are a little secretive and superstitious, but here is the top secret scenario:

Le donne di Matera, da tempo si intendono del valore di un brav’ uomo.

Attraverso i secoli hanno sviluppato un ammirevole know-how tradizionale

per stimare ed aumentare il suo prezzo. Nessuna visita nella Regione

della Basilicata è completa senza fare un salto al Mercato ricco di

colori di Matera quando si riempie di uomini in vendita. Sia che stiate

guardando un modello restaurato, o un fresco modello sportivo, o che stiate

trattando un marito di seconda mano, siate pronti a negoziare fino


Puo’ darsi che torniate con un affarone!

Of course, the issue of male/female relationships was not technically mentioned during our March Community Meet; I expect that this was a minor omission.

My available time is August 4th-24th;  I will expect to use my presence to engage in other unMo business during this stay.  I would like to get this arranged this week, so as to be able to get cracking with travel arrangements.

Here’s how we marry Bembo off :slight_smile:

Go for it man. And if second-hand husbands are in high demand, the ladies will fall over themselves to get you. You could do worse than marry a beautiful Matera lady!

Seriously, @ilariadauria and I can point the web team to your post, and see if there are any takers for your request for hospitality.

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