A list of Funding Sources for Covid19 related efforts

This is a wiki where we collect funding sources to support work related to Covid19. Please feel free to add your own, just hit the pencil symbol at the bottom right of this post and go ahead!

Thanks to @daveed and @hires for getting this list going!

  1. WeFunder Coronavirus Accelerator $50K plus mentorship (due April 3rd)

  2. Khosla Ventures likes black swan events. Submit 5 page plan

  3. Action Against Corona funding

  4. Johns Hopkins Funding Opportunities List

  5. April 3 California Education Learning Lab

  6. April 5 https://www.ahealthierworld.jhu.edu/launchpad-covid-19-rfa

  7. April 6 AHA Rapid Response Grant COVID-19 and Its Cardiovascular Impact

  8. April 7 California Stem Cell Call

  9. April 15 Call for startups tackling Covid-19

  10. April 24 CITRIS Seed Funding – COVID-19 Response

  11. May 21 Russell Sage Call

  12. June 18 MIT SOLVE Funding for Health Security & Pandemics Challenge

  13. Health Transformer Startup + Health Setup Meeting

  14. Sam Altman Funding for COVID-19 Startups

  15. List of funding opportunities from Founders Beta

  16. List of COVID19 Funding Opportunities from UC Berkeley
    Here’s a few from my inbox today (also rather US-focused):

  17. BlackRock
    Commits $50 million to help meet immediate needs of those most affected (announcement)

  18. Ford Foundation, Nonprofit Finance Fund, and others
    NYC COVID-19 Response & Impact Fund (announcement)

  19. IFC
    Increasing its COVID-19 related financing availability to $8 billion as part of a $14 billion World Bank Group package, up from an earlier $6 billion (announcement)

  20. MacArthur Foundation
    Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund (announcement)

  21. Mastercard, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Wellcome
    COVID-19 Therapeutics Accelerator (announcement)

  22. Open Road Alliance
    Open Road Impact Fund (providing short-term bridge loans - more info) COVID-19 loan products

  23. The Rockefeller Foundation
    Commits $20 million in COVID-19 assistance to create a better tracking and management system and support vulnerable communities (announcement)

  24. Vital Capital Fund
    Launched emergency debt facility to offer critical funding to impactful African companies during coronavirus pandemic (press release)

  25. Grant Station COVID related funding list


Application #1 submitted to the Wefund Coronavirus accelerator! https://wefunder.com/edgeryders

Who wants to do more to support the community members different initiatives? I’m happy to help.

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