A little bit younger fellow

I’m saying hello to everyone as I am a newcomer to this online community, kind of activity (theoretical to me, but also relevant at a higher level than I would have imagined) and to the “serious affairs” area (considering that I’ve never been to “work” before). I want to get into the community management side of this website and I’m currently involved in an internship with @Noemi (thanks, btw, for the opportunity :smiley: ). I’m glad that I’m here and I can now start getting informed about the REAL world, as I want to be as close as possible to learning to understand its circle and mechanisms, to be in harmony with it and maybe even influence it during my growing process. I’ve seen that lots of young adults (people of my age) have these things in mind (which is relieving), but they just can’t find the right opportunities to express their needs and wishes when it comes to this (just at the moment, I hope). This may cause them frustration and the emphasis on the general “I feel so lost and useless” kind of thoughts (very common, I see). We, young people, just have the inclination to overthink stuff and aspire to do something as big as possible in life, some of you (and even of us) might say.

My name is Andra, I’m 16 years old and I like to consider myself a “full of personality little flower”. This actually says a lot about me, as I’m young, fresh, always natural and with a delicate aspect; but I’m also capable of lots of things. The list of experiences I am able to face and I actually did is increasing, along with the progress I make during my own lifetime evolution. Do you want to know what makes my little metaphor even cooler? The answer is very simple, but maybe a bit unexpected: the fact that I actually know all of this (and much more) about myself! This gives me the power to bring myself together and continue being as I am or trying to be as I aspire to be, as I actually know my person quite well to understand how much I am able to handle and try to work this all out.

Maybe now it’s the proper time to refer to the “but I can see the intelligence and potential from your look” kind of cliché people often tell me. I feel like I had to mention it, considering that hearing it so much made me think about it as a kind of true fact about my personality. It’s true, I’m smart. I may not jump into doing a lot of activities, but the ones I assume are done with passion and ambition. My hobbies are diverse, but there’s nothing that gives me more pleasure than making connections between the knowledge or the abilities I own after doing them. I enjoy comparing the past and the present and thinking how much it influenced the actual world, as I absolutely love History (and analyzing, I can see) – I’m studying social sciences at high school with a strong reason. I find funny comparing Chinese and Japanese ( I learned 2 years of Chinese and summer 2016 got me having Japanese classes). I also enjoy comparing guitar or bass techniques from well known songs, as I am a bassist in a girl band and I’m trying to get as good as possible for our concerts and my own satisfaction (which is hard to please).

But doing something for yourself is not enough when you live  surrounded by people and depend on them, even a bit. Sharing your knowledge and abilities with the others is so important, especially when they can help you improve your skills and express yourself in a better way. I think that getting involved into the Edgeryders activity may help me a lot with this.

I want to leave a mark (significant when it comes to a community’s one).

I want to do something productive, to get rid of teenagers’ typical existential crises and that “blind alley” sensation.

I wish to be more organized, to bring myself together well enough to bear my expressed (I hope) opinions and perspective and put emphasis on them when I’m in the proper circumstances to do these.

I aspire to grow in the spirit of openness, responsibility and honesty Edgeryders’ community (for example) promote. To me, this is a way better influence for young people (and not only) than the nowadays teenage culture.

I’m sure that I aspire to be and do other things, too. They don’t have a clear form for now, but the time and my growing experience will help me out with that.

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Well, welcome then!

Welcome to Edgeryders, @Andra_Pop ! Noemi told me about you, and sure enough we can always use smart people, whatever their age. Looking forward to doing some working/thinking with you, and to meeting you in person – I am sure it will happen at some point.

For now: you are, I suppose, Edgeryders’ first intern! Something to celebrate. As an old hand at the community, my first advice is: upload a picture onto your profile. If you prefer people not to know what you look like, just upload some nice, colorful avatar. It makes the website better-looking and connotes you as a good virtual neighbour.

What will you be doing first?


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the warm welcome! I’m looking forward to getting involved in here and yes, to working or thinking with you, too.

I’m taking your advice and I’ll upload a picture onto my profile as soon as possible. It’s just that I couldn’t find a proper one and my files are so messy, but I’m still searching.

About my contribution: Noemi got me into the community management area (for the OpenCare project). I also did translate an article which is posted on different groups on Edgeryders and maybe I’ll do more of this. I’m just trying to help, even if my work is small and not that significant. :smiley:

Thank you for the comment and for the interest!

Edgeryders young wing :slight_smile:

#NextGen is upon us.

Welcome @Andra_Pop!