A little from home?

i have no idea how much money you would need to start with, regarding web hosting, promotion etc. but the time share element i thought would be what would cover the   “design and development of the #SC4SV website, network building, promotion, and introductory trainings for newcomers”   giving the people who build it up good “captial” in the project. i for one would be happy to put more than the oficial 10 hours in, to stuff like networking or proofreading/ testing documents that would break stuff down for newcomers etc. what i was going to suggest though, is that i dont think it would be so bad to give a little money as someone who wants to see it work. if there was 1000 people giving 10 hours each and up to £5 a person if they could afford it that would be some money.

i know it might affront some people. but i would give small cash and i know some others would too. sorry if thats not the helpful feedback required. i do not have experience of crowd funding.