A masterclass in "Network science for the borderless organization"

This idea came during a phone call with Simone Cicero of Ouishare and, more recently, Platform Design Toolkit. It consists in offering a masterclass on “borderless” or “porous” organisations (one thing that Simone does, or wants to do) that would deploy quantitative methods from social network analysis. The Edgeryders dataset is a great way to illustrate how they work, and what stories you can tell with network data.

We decided to turn down a first opportunity (Sharitaly in Milan), for various reasons; but to pick up the thread in 2018.

Also FYI @anique.yael


This sounds fantastic @alberto. I particularly like the pragmatic exploration of “porousness”, a concept that comes up a lot in associated research but that I find often stays philosophical or constrained to the arts. I think this is one of the greatest challenges with research on the edge - how to translate the speculative into the concrete. The Platform Design Toolkit looks super interesting and yes it’s clear how well Edgeryders both as a live network of voices and its dataset will be a ripe fit. Looking forward to picking up the thread.

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Pls. let me know when there is a masterclass for porous organizations since Platform Design Toolkit by Simone and his team is a significant and concrete tool. I have first heard of the existence of this tool last year and interestingly enough, my project was already based on critical inquiries and analysis of platform design back then. The toolkit may, by itself, be a practical hypothesis already:)

Looking forward to hearing more of this in 2018. All best, asli

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@atelli, it might be a while. This is still at the idea stage.

OK, will be on the hook for that. Thanks Alberto;)

Hey is this going into the Academy @alberto and @matteo_uguzzoni - its a great title and focus for the graphryder course

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Agreed. @alberto let’s also talk about picking up this thread F2F soon.

Agreed. I also like “porous organisation” for our own thinking about it if not for the name… Great idea!

@Alberto - looking forward to it! Is Simone on the platform here, maybe we can ask him stuff about how the masterclasses are going and what works/ what doesnt? I would be interested to learn in terms of how we design more in the future…

@noemi no, we found each other on some social media or other.

Right now I am kind of at capacity. Do you guys want to follow up?