A note on the DNA of Edgeryders - useful info when asked about who/what we are

Why and how to participate in Edgeryders?
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  • Edgeryders was born out of a research project within the Council of Europe, an institution tasked with safeguarding Human Rights, Democracy and Rule of law and which houses the European Court of Human Rights.

  • The research publication is available here:https://book.coe.int/en/youth-other-publications/5792-the-edgeryders-guide-to-the-future.html

  • It is accessible for free here: The Edgeryders Guide to the Future by Nenad Maljković - Issuu

  • The Edgeryders vision is a world in which every human can live up to her full potential as a creative, responsible individual. We believe in peace and prosperity through trade and value the diversity of perspectives that comes with a large community located in over 80 countries. The Edgeryders organisation itself strives to be politically neutral beyond a common respect for human rights and democracy.

  • Our contribution is to build large scale dialogue between citizens and other stakeholders in society, in order to make sense of the big challenges that face us all.

  • We have built friendly, respectful environment and innovative tools for people to discuss things and find ways different actors in the system can align efforts to tackle them. At local, national and transnational level.

  • How is this financed? Mostly through research grants from the European Union as well as contracts for social innovation work from organisations such as the United Nations Development Programme.

  • “But I don’t like the European Union, it’s useless”. Well that depends on how you look at it… Europe for The People


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