A paper on STF accepted for the conference in Brussels!

@Alberto, @Nadia, @Khatuna - this is the email I just got:

Dear Corresponding Author,
We are pleased to inform you that your abstract titled At the Edge of the future: Nowcasting amongst citizen experts for action-oriented foresight has been review by the FTA Conference Scientific Committee and accepted as practice oriented paper to contribute and be presented to Theme 3 Cutting edge FTA approaches of the 5th International Conference on Future-Oriented Technology Analysis (FTA) 'Engage today to shape tomorrow' that will take place in Brussels on 27-28 November 2014.
Please note that we expect to receive your paper by Monday 3rd November 2014. We kindly ask you to use the template attached to this message to compile your paper. As specified in the call for abstracts your practice oriented paper should clearly demonstrate how FTA approaches have been implemented in practice to support decision making and/ or strategy processes. Practice oriented papers should also put emphasis on the impacts of the FTA approaches. In case you would be interested, we would like to signal that the best papers presented at the conference will be selected to be published in special issues of peer review journals. Therefore, you might want to indicate us whether you would be interested in such possibility.
Please make note of the deadline and respect it, as we might need some time to come back to you for possible last minute refinements, if necessary. Your paper should be sent to JRC-FTA@ec.europa.eu together with a copy of the signed agreement (attached) that we can use, edit, and publish your contribution on the conference website.  To ensure successful submission, keep in mind using the template and naming the word file T3practice_146.doc
We also inform you that registration to the Conference will be opened starting from 10th September. Note that this communication is sent to corresponding authors only. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any further question.
Thank you.
Best regards,
The FTA Team

This means we should better get working on the paper soon.


Well done you!

Congrats, @Inga Popovaite, this is great! Also pinging @Khatuna, @ElaMi5, @gazbee sorour and @George.

And you should meet your colleagues @Rebecca and @valentina_cuzzocrea at some point. :slight_smile:


Well done @Inga Popovaite

Well done! Leave comment on the original call I posted?


Great work!

heart (cc @Nadia … see, we have the real <3 here, righ in the editor!)

Reminds me, I haven’t open source released the Edgeryders-to-rqda script that I once wrote for Inga’s analysis. If anyone wants it, tell me and I get that done …


This is really wonderful – congrats – any chance of taking a peak at the abstract?

I’ll be, in any case, using this fact as backing for recommending EdgeRyders be employed by FFD (SAnodeMP) … trying to find funding models to get the African ‘chapter’ launched, with facilitators trained and deployed - so ER augmented by African conversation facilitators.

Suggestions and comments most welcome


Inga knows better, but here is the version I saw circulated.

I don’t know what FFD is, but let us know if there’s other documentation you need to pitch Edgeryders or key aspects of the methodology.

Thanks a lot, Irma!