A perfect start

It’s strange that you attend an event with an idea in your mind and you want to share it and I actually asked it as a question and during the fruitful discussions within the focus group you suddenly have a totally different idea and you discover that this what you aim to achieve. It is one of the best workshops I have ever attended,a very interesting group of participants and ice Cairo will always remain a place to be inspired .

Welcome on board!

Hi Mustapha, nice to meet you I’m Noemi and I’ve been to similar workshops in Georgia and Armenia last week, and like you, some of the people who enjoyed it the most were those took by surprise in a way, perhaps that’s how the unexpected works? Just by getting to talk to one person who speaks your language and does essentially what you do, but in different context, can be of great help in your future work…

I hope you’ll have a great time and we’ll see/read more of you here on edgeryders. Welcome to the community!