A Playful online Coffee Session with Didi Asks!

OCI Lab is organizing an online session for us all to come together and play a new card game by Didi Asks!

Didi Asks is a startup specialized in card games that Ignite meaningful conversations. Their mission is to enhance communication and nurture social connection.

It’s a timely concept in this time of social distancing and lockdowns. So many people are struggling with loneliness, anxiety, and panic - we think coming together to play this game can provide some much needed relief.

Bring your coffee or tea and join us !

Don’t forget your cookies!

Feel free to invite others, everyone is welcome!

Background story

@HadeerGhareeb brought this project into our online business development program to get step by step coaching on turning the idea into a business. As well as tonput from fellow game developers in the community. Many of us have been following her work from the early days and cannot wait to try the game out!

If you want to be part of our online coffee session, register through this link

*The cards will be distributed during the game.

The session will be hosted by our OCI Lab graduate @HadeerGhareeb, the brain behind the game.