A short report from Paris

From 19th to 21st of October, @LucijaKla and myself were in Paris for the “Connect. Collaborate. Create. Bridging Communities to Foster Participatory Research” conference at Campus Condorcet. The conference was jointly organized by two projects: COESO and ProEthics.

The aim was to address the question of how to integrate participatory processes in research and the audience was mostly academics + some practitioners. Representatives from all COESO pilot projects were also present and most of them led one of the parallel sessions.

Ours was this morning, on the last day of the conference. The idea was to showcase the stages of the project from design, communication, play sessions to ethno coding and ideas for future. As it’s the workshop format we also wanted to add the element of play, so after a short introduction, Lucija led a demo version of “A Town by the Sea”. The participants were given printed maps and were invited to imagine a coastal city, name it and create landmarks. Since in one hour and a half we didn’t have enough time to let them imagine new characters we distributed the character profiles created during the online sessions. Finally, the participants were debating what landmarks to save once the sea level started to rise. The participation of people in these two small groups really exceeded our expectations, it went great!

I then presented our approach to communication, challenges we faced and some insights that emerged from the ethnographic coding. The audience was very interested in what is coming next and they shared some ideas on how they see the application of the game in real-life context (schools, retirement homes etc). They also confirm our aspiration to allow players to actually code and analyse the material. I promoted SSNA as a great tool for research and shared the link to Zenodo for those who want to know more.

@matteo_uguzzoni I think it would be nice to make the recording of the ethnographic presentation by @lasseuk accessible to public, maybe via our you tube channel?

Also, I didn’t have the link to graphryder unfortunately, so I only showed a screenshot of the network, could we make this public as well?

Next steps:

  • is there a written report of the ethno insights coming up @lasseuk ?
  • is there anything else we need to do to finalize the project from the admin point of view? Create invoices for the last payment?

cc @alberto @ivan


Sounds great!

Graphryder is already public. Also, when you get to a Graphryder visualization that you like, you can just bookmark the URL. Anyone calling that URL will be able to access that same visualization.

Yeah, just couldn’t find the URL.
Lasse just shared it with me this morning via email so all good.

@matteo_uguzzoni do you have any insights on this?
Should Edgeryders submit invoice to COESO or how does it work? I wasn’t involved in the process so I don’t know how it worked for the first payment. @alberto
It’s important to note that our account changed so in case they are making the payment automatically we need to let them know.
cc @ivan

Hello @marina yes we got the notification to send the invoice from Edgeryders for the last portion of the payment. They will not make the payment automatically so we can incorporate the new informations in the invoice.

Thanks @matteo_uguzzoni !
So who is taking care of preparing this invoice from Edgeryders side?