A smarter option for gathering frequently asked questions and answers

How do we set up a good flow for faqs? This would be a good add on, now we have to add stuff manually on to a page. Is there a smarter way to do this so that everyone whon wants can see when new questions pop up and can share work of answering them if they want. With upvoting for most helpful answers? I feel at the moment we keep spending valuable time just answering the same questions over and over again which is both exhausting and diverts discussion threads away from the intentions of the person who takes time and energy into crafting e.g. session or collaboration proposals.

Any ideas that could be easily implemented within Drupal? maybe [guaka] knows of a good module for this?


No module

Don’t know a module for this, I would just add a content type FAQ item with question in body and a field for the answer, comments enabled, and a view showing all of these on one page (without the comments).

P.S. Technical remark: it could be good to put it in a custom FAQ feature module once it’s working. Features are used on this website now but it seems that that’s only for the functionality from the Drupal Commons distribution. We can create some Edgeryders features for custom functionality.


Sounds good, how do I/we do it?

Ok I set up a group called FAQs. Could I ask you to  help by posting a task description there that breaks down how to build this FAQ feature module for N00Bs? Then we could take this on in Matera as a case study in the workshop where we learn to use the platform effectively.

Oh yeah, it will be wonderful to have something like you describe. To ask and answer questions and may be make anouncements. It would be very useful! I’m not a geek, just looked around a bit for similar stuff people build. May be something like yahoo answers kind of site.

Though, simplicity beats features, I think, may be there is something on the platform noone uses, which can be trashed in favour some other stuff.