A tentative wrap-up of the Bordeaux consortium meeting

Here is a tentative to-do list after the Bordeaux consortium meeting. I am probably forgetting something, please add as needed, I am making this a wiki.

UPDATE 04/07/2017 (Luce): The minutes of the consortium meeting are available on the opencare folder > consortium meeting 5. Link to the document.

Please share your presentations for the project archive in the consortium meeting 5 folder and feel free to comment and/or add information to the minutes, especially in relation to milestones and deliverables.

Please upload the slides you presented during the meeting in this folder for project archive.

A reminder: the deadline for updated budget trackers is set on July 15th.

  • @LuceChiodelliUB : send your checklist on the to-do list that came out of Geneva to Scimpulse (added to the minutes)
  • @markomanka : based on the checklist, report on where you are. 
  • Also Marco: take the lead in organising a meeting with the ethical advisors.
  • Also Marco: write a deliverable on Deep Games and Simulations, so that we can use it for the conclusions in the absence of granular documentation.
  • Also Marco: liaise with Noemi and @WinniePoncelet to set up a session on ethical practice in citizen science and open source projects. Very relevant in the runup to GRDP.
  • Also Marco: we need to figure out a way to coordinate in the next and final 6 months. Any ideas?
  • @Noemi : be in touch with partners as needed to define what they could do at the OpenVillage event. 
  • Also Noemi: talk to @Rossana_Torri and @Matteo to integrate the call for projects of the Milano conference into our own communication strategy.
  • Rossana: you did not talk about rewards for the best projects in that call. Can I ask you to clarify the social contract with participants?
  • @Costantino : provide a tentative table of contents for the Playbook, as we discussed. Even a very rough one will do. 
  • Myself: based on Costantino's TOC, propose a way for partners to contribute to the Playbook.
  • @Jason_Vallet : make GraphRyder "helptext ready", similar to Edgesense. 
  • Everyone interested: add to the publication plan. I already see stuff by @Lakomaa and @Amelia . I think at least @Ezio_Manzini , @melancon and @Federico_Monaco should also thnink about that.
  • Also Guy: time to plan the final phases of development of GraphRyder. Cleaning up the Ux, writing the manual, do some formalised user testing (in Brussels maybe?)... the last substantial change is to integrate some validation-oriented social metric into it. "Give me only the edges that satisfy X", where X is some kind of stronger requirement that the contribution encoding the association was done in the context of a highly interactive conversation. 

What else am I forgetting?

Final conference | Call for solutions

Hi Alberto,

thanks for the wrapup.

To what concerns " Rossana: you did not talk about rewards for the best projects in that call. Can I ask you to clarify the social contract with participants?"… Although we are still designing the Call, we can outline what is at stake for applicants.

the best 10 projects will:

  • be invited to the final conference in Milan

  • be given the chance to expose their ideas / prototype in the exhibition area (conference side event)

  • be granted with a 500 euros value Travel grant

  • be discussing their ideas / prototype peer to peer at the workshop (conference side event)

  • be presenting their ideas to a selected professional crowd (this is just a proposal for now… please don’t take it for granted)

the best projects will also:

  • be presenting his prototype / idea at the conference

  • be granted with an incubation programme at FabriQ



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Liaising with partners is lagging

Guys, I find it hard to pull together things if there is a lag in responses and emails unanswered. It is okay not to lead any sessions at the event - just say so, and then no one’s time gets wasted.

The building of a community event that is really participatory means in practice that everyone who is attending - partners and community alike - are generous with their time ahead of the event, to understand where their contribution fits and how they can support others in their work. Please keep this in mind.

Update: Talk to Action paper and GraphRyder at openvillage

So today was an efficient day. We made progress on 2 fronts:

Thanks to Uni Bordeaux team and Federico, Ezio and Amelia for being responsive and stepping in when needed :smiley: !!

Later UPDATE: Last week we also pinned down a session at openvillage facilitated by Breathing Games  (tba). With thanks to @Costantino for the support.

GraphRyder at #openvillage indeed

Thanks Noemi for confirming the info and making this visible to all.

I encourage all of you and others to feed us back on the GraphRyder tours, it’ss actually not that simple to run such sessions as we (UBx) are not domain experts.

Next tour in a week (or so).