A theme for the 21st June plenary: purchasing a site with an incomplete group

Now that we are scouting for the building, we find ourselves in a different situation than we thought we would, in the sense that there are fewer full members than we anticipated. How does this influence our situation? What are our options? With @reef-finance we propose to present this problem for discussion at the plenary of 21st June. A decision is probably premature, but we can start to make up our mind. Facilitation should be structured accordingly, emphasis on hearing from everyone. CC @ChrisM @Lee .


@alberto, great minds think alike :upside_down_face:!

I had started working on a document (internal link), and I also came to the conclusion that a proposal is probably premature at this stage.

I also agree on the need for structured facilitation. @ChrisM in “Many voices one song” I think this is covered in the section on policy making that starts on p. 95. Happy to discuss if you like.

As the agenda for the plenary meeting is pretty full (for once), maybe we can just do some rounds on understanding the issue and exploring possible proposal ideas?

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Will have a look at this…

Let’s have a call early that week to make a plan…


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