A vanity URL for Edgeryders (edgr.io? edgr.eu?)

In our social media strategy conversation a question came up regarding the use of URL shorteners - these are not only used for fitting into updates but can be valuable for tracking clicks across all the networks we post on (as well as from emails), in one place. I think branded links are good for the platform and bring a bit of consistency - for what it’s worth, bitly has a case study on this Enterprise Class | Bitly Link Management & URL Shortening

I’ve seen edgr.io and edgr.eu are both available - any thoughts on this?

Not against it, but we’d need a comfortable way to use that domain for the purposes you mention. It seems you have in mind we use Bitly Enterprise for this? If so, what would that cost. Couldn’t see a quote on their site.

Also available: edger.id and edgeri.de.

It also looks like Estonian domain http://edg.ee is available.

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