A "virtual round table" to help institutions and citizens discuss

Hi all,

a week ago I launched Opinionage.com (public beta) which is an open, web, social platform. Think to Opinionage like a “round table”  helping  “decision makers”,  “opinion stakeholders” and “observers” vote and discuss about specific themes.

I don’t want to bother you explaining exactly how it works and how cool the features are (if you’re interested to go in deeper details, there’s 60 sec. intro video in homepage), but I think it can be a very interesting tool to support democracy.

In fact it can help break down barriers between “public institutions” and citizens in a win-win scenario: public administrators  at any level (ie mayors or  assessors) can start a public debate, engage and listen their audience. Citizens can discuss and gain the visibility of the decision maker. Observers (ie citizens, press or institutions) can follow the discussions.

But technology is only a small piece of the story: real benefits just come from real contents and people…

So, I need your help experiment the platform on real cases (cities, universities, european institutions) on public debates.

Any question, feedback or suggestion is really welcome… please don’t hesitate!


Carlo Alberto