A Witness art & research fund?

Last Thursday, @jean_russell organised a salon on distributed collaboration. Had a long chat with Bea Ramos from the Dada Art Collective ( it’s a social network where people speak to one another through drawings). It got me thinking…

What could we unleash if we had a big fund to finance Scifi Economics Art, Games & Research work?

We have done a bit of fundraising for activities here and there: A large public event and workshop with Cory Doctorow and Extinction Rebellion, a series of events exploring mutant economies on earth, we commissioned short stories from Scifi Authors, a research paper, visual art, audio art, fellowship - even a first iteration of a game.

Each activity has been a one-off, a kind of prototype and financed from different sources. Very rewarding - but also very time consuming and inefficient to raise small bits of money everytime we want to finance a specific type of work.

Instead - why not raise larger amount of money for a fund that covers lots of different activities around science fiction economics in general? With special focus on developing Witness?

I would like to hear what you think…

a) “yes, here are some thoughts…”
b) “not exactly but here is something we could do instead…”?

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