Aarambha - video and memories from the conference

It took a while to go through all the materials recorded during our last event, but our fantastic photographer and movie-maker, Kshitiz, did fabulous job picking quotes, ideas, moments, pictures of you. It feels both like a wonderful trip back in time, but also in space - as Matt and I have already landed back in Europe, predictable, clean and not even a bit as charming as Nepal.

Thanks to everyone who has ever been part of FMN - hopefully the story will resume shortly.

And for now, enjoy Aarambha The Movie :wink:

(And in case the embedded version does not work for you, here’s the direct link to YouTube: http://youtu.be/8-9Si0e6i78)



I especially relish the opportunity to see @meenabhatta and @anubhutipoudyal and hear their voices, after months reading their posts! Good work everybody, I really hope this is not the end of it smiley.


Its great to see those special moments again.

Vivid and beautiful!

Only seeing this now, well done everyone. And taking a great quote from one of the conference participants:

“This is not a crisis of leadership, but a crisis of recognizing leadership”.