About LOTE3

Living On The Edge (lote) is a gathering of the Edgeryders community. Faced with multiple global crises (environmental, economic, social, political), we have chosen to act, each of us contributing to finding and testing ways for improvement. We are working on all fronts of radical social innovation, from open source everything to small batch manufacturing, from urban agriculture to moneyless economies. lote is where we come together, compare notes, share skills, experiences and encouragement.

The unPilgrimage is the third lote, after Strasbourg and Brussels. It takes place in the unMonastery, one of many projects to emerge from the community. We chose it because it is a spectacular place, and because what the hell, we can use the energy boost that comes with seeing something like that come true. It will be like a pilgrimage: the unPilgrimage of edgeryders from everywhere.

If you, too, are trying against all odds to improve your community (or the whole planet), and could use some help from your peers; or if you would like to make a contribution, but you don’t know where to start; or you have some support to offer to radical changemakers, you belong with us in lote. Join us in Matera, Italy, for the unPilgrimage.

More about how and why we dreamed up #LOTE