About the Antiheroes project

Imagine this: every social innovative organization in Europe feels comfortable talking about failure. They acknowledge that when doing innovative work, failure is always an option. It’s an option that should be treated with the same respect as success; it’s an event that is to be shared and learned from.

That’s Antiheroes goal.

Feeling enthusiastic?

We want to develop tools to teach people how to fail in an intelligent and confident way. Want to help? We have some ideas, but are curious to what edgeryders come up with on a blank canvas. How do you think we can engage people in a conversation about professional failure?

You are not our target group, but probably you can help us anyway!

We (2-people team based in heat blazing Brussels) are trying to develop tools that teach people how to professionally deal with failure. At the moment we focus on a workshop: 2 hours of proactive failure activities that handle participants some concrete means to prepare for, handle and blamelessly talk about failure.

Since Edgeryders is a community of people that is used to trying new things, maybe most of you already know how to fail. All the more reason for you to help us teach this skill out there!

If you know any good techniques that help people

  • prepare for the possibility of failure

  • deal with failure when it’s happening/has just happened

  • talk about failure without blaming/shaming others or oneself

Please let us know in a comment below!


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