About the Autarky Lab category

A place to develop and learn about autarky solutions: technologies, organization techniques and best practices that enable self-sufficient living on the long term.

Here, autarky is comprehensive self-supply and self-governance in small social units. It’s the maker’s way of making a living, a solution for political problems with non-political means. It’s how we fix precarious living, excessive consumption, bullshit jobs and politics alike. Solutions documented here are esp. relevant for communal living arrangements.

Ideas, instructions and recipes posted here should be do-it-yourself and open source.


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P.S.: Do you know the ESSENTIALS? Edgeryders Self-Supply with :sun_with_face: Energy, :cherries: Nutrients, :national_park: Travel, :computer: Internet, :houses: Accommodation, :sparkling_heart: Love and :lock: Security :blush: