About the cairo workshop - my updates +summary of the call

hello guys

since we have only 2 days before the physical workshop and I haven’t been doing a good job lately in the "work out loud " techniques . It is a bit new for me and I have been lost between different emails- posts and facebook conversations , have been quite busy with the coordination stuff but without giving updates on what’s actually going on , so here is my updates and a sum up for our call about the different tasks

  1. for the informal events :  @Ahmed M Rabie is now organizing an event tomorrow night at CILAS , just a an informal meeting with some students and fellow and also with the other participants . , and learning from Vahgan , can we make like a movie screening after that or just a meeting in the tea room or on the terrace would be better ??

    the 2nd one @Nadia already made a facebook event about it , it would be after the workshop , place not defined yet my suggestions coffe place "ahwa " in downtown or Kafeine  (have never been there it opened after I left Cairo but it seems nice) or Elzamalek also is ok , anyway I think the particpants with ahmed and nadia can decide

  2. translation of the instructions  I will be working on that today , expect an email from me with the arabic text tonight, before sending it to the list of participants
  3. about the list of participants  till now the ones who actually participated on the platform are only these 12 am I missing some others , and also @gazbee sorour u told me that some people are waiting for the invitations , I don't have there emails can u link me with them or may be invite them and update the spreadsheet ,
  4. another thing : may be some people would show up as it is an open event on the facebook , so we need to prepare for that . and some others we are already in contact with them , they are still not on the website as It is somehow hard to deal with on the first time  SO if they didn't post tonight shall I invite them and make  a post giving a brief about them or what ?    we already discussed on the call that may be inviting them to the informal event and shoot interviews with them .
  5. @gazbee sorour and @Maria Tarancon do we offer any kind of accomodation if needed , for the people who are outside cairo we only have Maged butter till now from alexandria
  6. event logistics  as we discussed in the call and trying to learn from Armenia and Georgia , we need someone to shoot videos I think this is @Ahmed M Rabie , someone to take good photos may be Ahmed can bring a friend , someone with the phone to get the late or lost people as it is hard to know that Ice cairo is in the first floor for the people who come for the first time , and Finally someone we can follow on twitter to share the updates on real time , I think the team will meet tomorrow morning so we can assign these tasks

from the people  I am in contact with right now if they had difficulties to show up her or on the workshop there is at least someone we can shoot an interview with he is from Kintrans team

and I couldn’t reach the one for the biogas from the garbage city may be Hany from the biogas people can help with that during the workshop

that’s all what I have now , I hope we can make a good successful workshop in the coming days :slight_smile:

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about the list of [articpants

this is from @nadia 's mail about the list of participants

  • Hazem can you check we haven't missed anyone? 
  • Muhammad can you make sure the message gets to then people who were at Ice Cairo dinner today? 
  • Gazbia and Maria can you send this out to the people you have invited also today? Ahmed can you do the same? 
  • And when you have can I ask you to please update the participant list document?

great to have it all in one place

I also tried to have all participants in the spreadsheets, even thoguh Vahagn was interacting with them separately on facebook.

Emails are key, because they allow you to do proper follow up, especially once you have content from the workshops online and need to send links and opportunities for people to get involved.

I think your working out loud post is great and very comprehensive, so good start! We’ll be following online futurespotters and if there’s anything you need from me, Inge or whoever, let us know! Looking forward to see this…