About the Circular Economy category

Edgeryders is preparing a series of short films about the automotive industry as part of our academic research project on the car industry. Before we start shooting and editing, we would like to collect your feedback on whether the scenes depicted reflect your experience. This will help us to make sure our project is grounded in reality.

We are looking for experiences and thoughts around the topics raised in the films which bring a meaningful contribution to the debate.

  • Contributors: You read the film script and share your own experiences around the topics raised in it. You also reply to comments from others on your entry.
  • Responders: You read and reply to one or more of the comments posted by others.

We are looking for contributions from automobile users and to participate in the challenge you must:

  • have a drivers’ license
  • drive a car on a regular basis
  • have either purchased a car in the past, or are planning to in the (near) future.

The best entries will be remunerated following this standard:

  • Stories not opinions: Thoughtful responses grounded in lived experiences or evidence in the form of e.g data from a credible source.
  • Depth: Entries that add value in the form of new perspectives or information that help to deepen the conversation.
  • Active Listening:

What we pay

  • Contributors: B € - Up to X people will be selected
  • Responders: C € - Up to Y people will be selected

Where is this money coming from?

This activity is part of a European research project on circular economy in the automotive industry. It is financed by a research grant from the European Commission. Your answers will go towards informing the research results which will be published online and made freely available to the general public.