About the Community Outreach & Coordination Category

A not project specific workspace for Edgeryders community mobilisation activities! If you’re excited about getting people engaged in ongoing and future Edgeryders activities and have (or would like to learn) community engagement & management skills, you landed in the right spot!

Roles people can take in this space

Tasks differ from activity to activity as the needs will be different. But we are always looking for community members who like to do creative communication work. Sometimes roles are paid if we have secured funding, sometimes not. We do our best to pay it forward so that paid roles that do come up are first offered to community members who have demonstrated community spirit and genuine engagement in activities/topics in collaborating here.


  • Copywriting
  • Graphic Design/ Illustration
  • Video production
  • Subtitling videos
  • Translation
  • … or add a new task if you want to contribute with something else!

Post in any topic here to instantly become part of the team. And please create a topic to introduce yourself !

What we have learned about communication

  • social media communication only really works when we are attached to people and organisations that have a large following within the field/networks which are relevant to that specific call for participation or contributions.
  • the approach of engaging people in organising, and managing the budget for, activities such as events as part of the festival was right in intuition. But it needs more structure both in terms of process, and the roles people can take on
  • Timing and sequencing: it is better that teams build and run activities on their own timeline, each with its own heartbeat, rather than trying to make a bunch of things happen at the same time. Because this cannibalises attention and is difficult to manage.
  • At the same time it is important to have professionals for copywriting, visual design, video production, press engagement etc that can produce high quality results on a short timeline - rather than rely on community members to do this. So we recruit a roster of freelancers who are our go to people and have a set budget of time/requests for content available to any communication team.
  • Languages and geographic locations. We often need to have teams of multilingual copywriters in order for the work to flow smoothly. As well as communicate via different partners.
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