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Throughout Europe we are seeing people with high level of qualifications unable to find work according to their expectations, and many have no choice but settle for temporary and underpaid contracts outside their domain of interest. Others are taking up internships, most often unpaid, in the hope that these will land them a paid job.

Over half of young Armenians (18-35) don’t have a job and two thirds of them have never had one. Poor working conditions and generalized mistrust create an even bigger gap since some people stop looking altogether. In Egypt, the wave of increasing violence that followed the 2011 Revolution caused tourism and foreign business activity to decline, with the general unemployment rate increasing from 8.9% (2010) to 13.4% (2013), and disproportionately affecting youth (more).

But are jobs really the way forward for all of us? Or the only way to lead meaningful and fulfilled adult lives?

Over time a kind of consensus has emerged amongst some Edgeryders community members that we need to look for other safety nets. That governments ceased being able to fullfill that promise a long time ago. Some even suggest that the idea of a job in itself is obsolete. Several of us have found paths that defy convention, here are some examples from the community:

  • The unMonastery is a subsidized hackers’ space where innovators from all over work with a local community to solve challenges on-site, in exchange for housing and meals assured. It happened in Matera, South Italy.

  • Rhiannon got fed up with being part of the “generation without a future” and created a platform to support UK co-operatives set up by graduates who are navigating transition to work, all while de-constructing what “young and successful” means nowadays.

What about you? How are you making a living? We’re very interested to compare notes with peers in other parts of the world, young and not so young, especially in the following areas:

  1. Getting paid work: Where do you and your peers look for opportunities to work? If you’re a young graduate, do the skills you learned in school help?

  2. Self-managed careers: How are you making room for yourself as an entrepreneur or trail blazer in a field? What supports your work or service?

  3. Poverty reduction: Do you know of an initiative that helps people living in poverty make it to the next day? What started it and how are people coping, physically and psychologically? Tell us about it.

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