About the Networks and Allies category

Finding work – especially meaningful and interesting work – can be difficult. It requires skill, resources, information. Many people find it hard to make this journey alone; having someone to help with advice, information, financial or moral support can make a lot of difference.

Use this mission to tell your fellow Egeryders about the people who help and support you:

  • Who are your allies? Is anything or anyone playing a positive role? Maybe your family, an institution or a venture capitalist? A mentor? Your peers, maybe?

  • How are they supporting you?

  • Is anyone encouraging you to take some risks towards more fulfilling, interesting, better paid work? Or are people around you recommending that you take the safest route?


  • As always, tell your fellow Edgeryders the facts (who is helping you by doing what) as well as your interpretation.

  • You can write as much as you want; about 400 words should be enough.

  • You can write in any language. If you are comfortable with it, try writing in English: most people on Edgeryders can read and write it at least a little.