About the NGI Policy Summit 2020 category

Welcome to the discussion platform for the NGI Policy Summit 2020! :tada: This is a dedicated space for speakers, organisers and attendees to discuss the topics of the Summit, as well as asking tricky questions that we can try to address throughout the event.

Have a look through the discussions in this section and Sign Up to get involved. We will be making regular announcements and posts throughout the build-up to the Summit.

Join in with the introductions thread, and start a topic if you have:

  • Examples of internet policy interventions that have been successful (or not!)
  • Interesting ideas and approaches that could shape the debate in any of our topic areas
  • Questions or problems you might need help with in the internet policy space, and help with others’ questions
  • Fun, inspirational content such as juicy long-reads and punchy videos
  • Experiences of working on internet issues that you’d like to share and discuss
  • Anything else you think we should know!