About the OpenVillage Workspace category

Our open-to-all, informal workspace where we work on the OpenVillage vision and strategy, including the MENA Youth Platform project and the emerging Edgeryders Reef Alliance. (House projects and their activities are organized in the “Houses” category.)

What is OpenVillage?

Edgeryders is building a self-sustaining R&D ecosystem for next generation social innovation and political renewal. It is constituted by co-living and co-working spaces in different sites; managed by local entities; nourished by the social and economic flows of the whole ecosystem; connected by the dynamic online community of changemakers on edgeryders.eu.

What is the MENA Youth Platform?

A project of Edgeryders OÜ about building an online / offline incubator that promotes experience exchange and resource sharing, collaboration, problem solving skills and entrepreneurial spirit geared towards the public good. It sets the stage for experimenting with social innovation strategies and subsequently spreading social entrepreneurship and innovation as a legitimate livelihood for / by / with the Youth in the Southern Mediterranean region. Pilot countries are Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia. The first phase happened between May and December 2017, commission and funded by the World Bank Group.

What is The Reef Alliance?

The time has come to grow the partnerships that can enable the OpenVillage connective layer, in order to:

  • scale membership and sites
  • broaden resourcing inputs including P2P knowledge sharing and funding pathways
  • foster a vibrant symbiotic R&D ecosystem

For that, The Reef Alliance is a dynamic and committed network of civil society and SME partnerships that contribute to the growth of The OpenVillage connective layer and self-sustaining smart communities.