About the Practical Resilience category

Do something to make yourself or your community more resilient, and then tell us about it!

Things you might want to try:

  • Learn a resilience skill – take a first aid course, or learn to repair a bicycle

  • Make something in your life more resilient – solar-charge your cellphone, get involved in a local resilience initiative

  • Learn about local risks – find and read the local emergency management plans for your area, and describe how you’d respond in those scenarios

  • Make a 72 hour kit – lots of agencies recommend that people be ready to stand on their own feet for a few days after an earthquake or similar disruption

Be sure to write up why the activity you chose was right for you, and how you selected it from the other choices you had. Tell us a bit about what you learned, who you learned from, and your thinking processes. You might take a while to do this mission, so make notes as you go so you’ll remember everything that happened at the end!

Good for you: This is the step that really prepares you to understand break downs or worst case scenarios.

Good for others: You inspire other people to do the same. The more resilient we act, the many we are, the more resilient our communities will act!.