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Oups I just commented a topic here, realizing afterwards that it might serve as source for dynamic content on some webpage. If so, this very “About” text should be adjusted.

As webkit usage kicks in, it’s getting hard to find the configuration posts of the various assets we have on tell.edgeryders.eu, research.edgeryders.eu, scifieconomicslab.net etc. I would like to request a re-organization of this part of the platform. Ping @matthias @owen @hugi @nadia

  1. We now have a top-level category #edgeryders-summarywebsites.

  2. We also have this, #workspaces:webcontent-sandbox, which is (at least to me) invisible from the home page for some reason:

  3. The “about” topic of this subcat was never written.

  4. The “about” topic of the top-level cat appears to have become obsolete: for example, it refers to a different cat name than the one we have.

  5. Owen has made a directory of webkit sites which should be up-prioritized, since it is quickly becoming an important resource. It’s in the “invisible” subcat, which makes it harder to even find it.

How do we do it? Maybe kill this subcat, move all the topics to the #edgeryders-summarywebsites, and re-organize the latter so that things are findable? Maybe a naming convention for configuration posts? Any ideas?

For the tell forms that is resolved like this Inventory & Requests

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I’m making a note of this and will find a solution when doing the complete category tidy-up of our Discourse platform. Planned to happen in 2020-11, so soon.

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