About unDojo: A Co-design and Co-being Space

We’ll continue our well-being and supporting each other upSkilling in an online and real-life spaces.

The unDojo Space was brought to lote3

it was a space that was meant to be more for being than for doing

a space to connect to ourselves and to each other

It was meant as a prototype for spaces at the events

and at the co-working co-living spaces

it’s not only a physical space but a space of co-being

and a state of mind.

We’ll continue prototyping this space as an open source project

that can be always improved.

The unDojo - a space of being

is also meant to be in harmony with the Dojo - a space of doing.

We’ll keep co-designing this space and making it happen at the events and spaces, as well as at the online meetings.

here is more about unDojo

and here is more about unDojo activities

You can join our calls here: (to be announced soon)