Accommodation booking for Lote3 gets easier thanks to David and AirBnb!

Love is a community thing. I’ve been learning this for a while now and every time it re-surfaces (which is often!) I’m filled with gratitude and motivation that jumps off the roof. 

You might have noticed that Edgeryders is buzzing with preparations for Living on the Edge – the unPilgrimage. Most of the members who are coming are helping out: from spreading the word on social media, to stepping in as session facilitators, to asking for help from the people of Matera, and much more. After all, ours is an event built solely on community time and effort, and this should make us all proud.

This post is to give a proper shout out to the lovely [david de belleville] who reached out to the AirBnb team in Paris to try to lower the costs of Edgeryders coming to & staying in Matera. Thanks to David and AirBnb, if you are coming to Lote3 and renting an apartment through you get a 20 EUR discount. This is valid for any booking above 100 EUR in and around Matera. The 100 EUR limit is the total payable amount (including rental fee + cleaning fee + AirBnb fee). It is not the first time AirBnb is partnering up with us, back in November 2012 when we were organizing Lote in Brussels they were equally generous. Many many thanks, we are humbled and feel lucky to have you on board as partners.

So LOTErs, have a look at what’s available in Matera:–MT–Italy

To get the promo code which you’ll have to put in when making the reservation in order to get the discount, get in touch at noemi [at] edgeryders [dot] eu.

*As a side note, when making a reservation and deciding on the number of nights, here’s what you should consider:

The core of Lote3 will run from October 31st (Thursday) to November 3rd (Sunday). Track 1 – upSkilling for Change and Track 2 – Building the unMonastery will run in parallel on Thursday and Friday, followed by a wild unConference during the weekend. Lots of Edgeryders are coming earlier to help, so if you’re also staying longer get ready for social dinners (including a massive pasta party on Wednesday evening tbc), tours of the city and lots of interesting encounters. Oh, and wait until you will meet the community and be able to put faces onto names you’ve only seen online. Those of us who were in Strasbourg and Brussels last year know what this feels like :slight_smile:

How to arrange couchsurfing at LOTE?


Great work on the airbnb discount!

I am going to be in Matera from Sunday 27th October for a week and would love to couchsurf with locals/edgeryders if possible. 

Can anyone recommend the best way of arranging this? Perhaps some people have alreay volunteered spaces to edgeryders that I can get in touch with, or would it be better to go through couchsurfing website?

I feel like I saw a thread on this a while back but can no longer find it on the website…

Any thoughts welcome!


Here’s who already did it


So it seems [Vidrij Da] managed to find a couchsurfer to host him for 2 weeks, but as far as I know it wasn’t quite an easy thing to pull, maybe because it’s a long period? David can you maybe share some insights with Kathleen?

All of our (low) cost options are in the accommodation wiki, it also says what’s still available or not.

Also Kathleen, let me ask around today to see if there’s a chance to set you up with a local… I’ll get back to you later.


Thanks Noemi

That is incredibly helpful of you!

I am happy with floor space as I will have a sleeping bag and matt with me.


A big public dormitory solution ? ( sports hall, school, … ? )

Is there no big dormitory, or even a sports hall or school, where the municipality can offer hospitality for free for the 100 or more participants ? Saving us collectively lots of money and at the same time opening up another venue for interactions at other times of the day ?

Perhaps this has been considered on another thread, in which case I missed the info.

And if such a public facility can not be made available,what about temporary outdoor structures ( like big tents ? ). Or if it is dry, sleep outdoors under the stars, around a big fire ? ( living on the edge ? ) Perhaps this may not appeal to everyone, but I imagine it does not freeze too much in that part of italy at that period of the year ? Some ( young and less young ) people may have sleepingbags able to resist till minus 20…

And why resort to AirBNB ? What about good old fashioned hospitality ?

Making a list of all people in the village who want to host for free - with the number of people they can host at one time.

Sure, the ones amongst us that have lots of money can always give it away, but for others, including myself ( I will actually not even make it there, unfortunatly ), it does not really make sense to pay, especially when other solutions can be found.  Or is it just me ?

AirBnb is one option among others

Hi Dante, good to see you, it’s been a while, and what a pity you won’t be joining us.

Actually this post signals one alternative way to lower our costs, and has been generously provided by those I’m thanking. We’ve already reached out to the people in Matera and some indeed offered their homes to us. Of course those places were limited and almost immediately given to some of the people who opted for them & helped a lot in building Lote. You guessed it, it’s actually another thread containing all offers and discounts we got from hotel and b&b owners - accommodation wiki in my reply to Kathleen above.

The big place which can host Edgeryders who bring in their own mattresses, sleeping bags and are willing to deal with potential cold /humidity might be the unMonastery itself. But I would refrain from recommending it as I am not aware of the state in which it will be. If someone like [Rita O] or [andrea.paoletti] can offer more details or advice about this, it would be much appreciated!

Calling all CouchSurfers

On CouchSurfers you can flag up EVENTS so I have posted four events covering the days for Lote3 ~ please go looking for Matera events around 31st October and LOG THAT YOU ARE ATTENDING so that general CouchSurfers in the area know what a popular event this will be and are drawn to investigate it,

thanks, David Ridge