Action items for the first week of September


  • Post and poll for Anonymous reading group
  • Brainstorm participatory components to Istanbul
  • Call with @alex_levene then Millie on participatory components to Istanbul

And asking for:

  • More info from Millie on programme (schedule + content) and attendees/ particpants (who/ type) - @alex_levene
  • Access to your Istanbul budget @alex_levene
  • How specifically you @alex_levene might need support from me otherwise (eg. guidance to Maria on programming and partnerships)


  • Reach out to Millie to reaffirm commitment
  • Get confirmation from Bruce
  • Propose one or more economists on the platform
  • Agree on a rough main event budget (with @mariacoenen)
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@alex_levene Just wanted to double check you’ve reached out to Millie for more info on Istanbul programme and attendees so I can prepare participatory ideas. I’ve got completely full days Monday-Wednesday next week so need to take time over this weekend for it if our call with Millie does go ahead for Thursday noon as you had proposed.

Hi have asked Mili for more info on the schedule and the participant makeup, also, to confirm she is available on Thursday for our chat.
Awaiting an answer

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Where do you want me to put the draft budget?

@alex_levene tasks for the upcoming week:

  • Start writing 2nd UNDP blog post (for Edgeryders platform)
    depth into how/why we are doing this thought experiment; what are we building this around?
    Summary of what came out of Walkaway discussions (for wider consumption)
    what are the pathways towards the November event and the Spring 2019 event?
    What have we been doing so far?

  • Finalise the payment process with Mili for UNDP event - CVs, bank details, letter of recommendation

  • Send Climate KIC notes on the project so they can approach Mariana Mazz to participate

  • Research best platform for crowdfunding project - SciFi interest (publishers/books) - confirm the required assets and project schedules for the best suited platforms. Consider language and location needs. Should consider bilingual information listing.

  • Confirm who will lead on the video production section of the crowd funder - UK or BXL based, with input from L.A. based (Doctorow) - @anique.yael to provide some links to LDN and BXL video makers. - Check costs

There is an Econ Sci FI folder saved in the Research Network drive. I’ve just invited you. I think that’s the best place for off platform documentation but feel free to create an alternative.