Add translation support for Russian language

Edgeryders’ involvement in Belarus means Russian language support will come in really handy. I am asking @Matthias to set up Russian as an extra option in the existing translation menus.

Missed this, done now.

Sorry, missed this. Done now!

(For the record, adding a language simply means going to “Menu → Configuration → Regional and Language → Languages” and clicking “Add Language” there. It’s also safe to do: there are no adverse side effects that I can think of.)

text editor in the russian language

Hi Matthias,

Thanks for adding Russian:)

I just added a translation in Russian and was not able to use the normal text editor but instead had to use the plaintext editor, and thus format the text manually. Is there a way to use the normal text editor or does it not support Russian?

Pretty close, and thanks for reporting the bug :slight_smile:

I think you have found a new bug … it happens for all languages in translated content, not just for Russian. We did not have the problem when I initially installed the translation feature though. Will have to care to fix it …

For now, a simple workaround is switching to the plain text editor (like you did) and back immediately. This will show the normal rich text editor as desired.

(To the same effect, you can also switch the text format below the editor from “Filtered HTML” to something else and then back immediately. This needs the content manager role, which you should get anyway – I have just added it to your account. Means, you can now edit comments and content of others (like comments to your posts etc.). Use these privileges with caution though, but when you need them, you have them now.)