Adding a presentation or images as slides

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1. Introduction

2. Instructions

3. Example

1. Introduction

This topic shows how a Google Slides presentation can be integrated into a Discourse post. It uses one image per slide for the preview, and a link to the full presentation.

The process will be simpler and better once we have implemented #102 “Allow embedding Google Slide presentations”.

2. Instructions

  1. Convert your presentation to a series of images. When your presentation is made with Google Slides, you have two options:

    • “File → Download as … → JPEG image (.jpg, current slide)”. Obviously this can take some time as you have to download an image for each slide separately.
    • “File → Download as … PDF Document (.pdf)”, and afterwards convert the PDF to a series of images with ImageMagick: convert -density 160 slides.pdf slides.jpg.
  2. Get the code. Edit this wiki, copy the post below from section “2. Example” and paste it into your own post.

  3. Replace the images in the code with those of your own presentation.

  4. Replace the link to the full presentation with one belonging to your own one. You get this link in the Google Slides web application as follows:

    1. Open the presentation file in Google Slides, in our example with this link.
    2. Go to “File → Publish to the web … → Link” and click “Publish”.
    3. Copy the URL from the box that will appear.
  5. Save to publish your post.

[TODO: Change the ImageMagick command so that it will also create a black border around all slides. Otherwise, as in the example below, slides with white background will not look well.]

3. Example


(Click the image to view the presentation. Or view it in the original version.)

Show slides as list












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