Advance payment?

May I ask @OlgaIvanovaUB and @LuceChiodelliUB if they can give us an approximate date for the advance payment of OpenCare?

May I also ask for an update on the Consortium Agreement?

Also cc @melancon.

Getting there

We got everyone’s account details yesterday (some of you being quicker than others). Everything was transferred to UBx finance dept and should proceed in the coming days.

@OlgaIvanovaUB and @LuceChiodelliUB will provide admin details, about payement and CA.

There’s a lesson here to learn, that admin does not become a burden when dealt with diligently and nimbly. We had to wait until everyone had forwarded their docs – I know you can imagine how many requests a university financial office proceeds every day, so we needed to group everything in a single request for OpenCare.

Advance payment

Dear All,

The advance payment for OPENCARE will be done in maximum of 2 weeks. We will do our best to do it faster.


Thank you @OlgaIvanovaUB