After Jeff's post on hacking our way through old age- Open Care

I don’t know if you’ve read Jeff’s deep and hilarious piece on what our lives may look like as we age in a scenario where we increasingly rely on diy health care. Have a look here.

While browsing around a bit I came across a context and organisations that may be of interest for those interested in alternative care solutions to explore:

“The importance of health has long been recognized in Germany. In Prof. Ganten’s words, “Science and culture are the only sectors that have always been maintained at a high level in our country in spite of the historical catastrophes it has faced.” Unfortunately, science has also been misused for terrible purposes, especially in the field of research on the human body and diseases. That being said, the most effective way to ensure abuse won’t happen again is to make science the property of the largest number of people possible, so it can’t be controlled by a select few. “Science can’t be closed”, Prof. Ganten added. And co-creation is the road to progress.”

Read the post here.

Also I liked the interface on the blog to encourage and make it easier for community members to share information about paid work opportunities, events or stories