After #LOTE2

As was expected the energy at #lote2 shot through the roof. My brain still feels unhinged after four days of non-stop future-hacking. So much activity, discussions, collaborations, projects kicked off and ideas developed. As many could not be there I have with Noemi’s help put together an overview of all the post #lote2 activity so that you can jump in and get involved even if you were not physically present. As was explained on saturday evening, what Edgeryders becomes and how far it goes depends on what you, me and everyone we know make of it…

Local Action Hero Challenge:

During this day we set out to explore how we could, by this time next year, have set the foundation for sustainably inspiring and supporting a large number of people to engage in effective actions in their local environments- Actions that, taken as a whole, make a tangible contribution in improving the well being of all in different local communities around Europe?

During the first #LOTE event energies were high, huge amounts of content and ideas were generated in an exceptionally short time-frame. However once we’d departed it was difficult to stay in touch, to coordinate, collaborate and balance our other lives with the potential we saw in the future of EdgeRyders.

This session focused on the high speed mapping of roles, skills and network reach - so we can better identify the real potential of the community and to make the connections with each other necessary in realising that potential. It was followed up by pooling the goals, competencies and challenges from a community perspective on how the EdgeRyders’ membership and platform might become capable of delivering for those participating and the greater goals of the project. Drawing from the roles and skills identified in the first part of the day, we used Methodkit, a tool developed by community member Ola Möller, to create a clearer picture.


What came out of this track?


Edgeryders Asset Mapping (work in progress)

The Unmonastery (work in progress) Copy on the Day in the Life of the @unmonastery- feedback here please!

Edgeryders Community Mapping (work in progress)

Bridging networks and building local-global collaboration (model development)

Linking up street level projects Challenges’ infopool/coop Expedition Freedom

Policy Hero Challenge:

The Rewiring innovation policy track explored what innovation policy aimed at supporting innovative networked individuals, rather than organizations might look like. In the course of the session, Edgeryders itself was used repeatedly as an example of a network of innovative  individuals. The main conclusion was that for accountability reasons there is a need for organisational shells that interfaces between individuals and sources of public support such as governmental funding bodies. The track split into three subsessions. The first looked at what organizational form might Edgeryders take to best support the innovative individuals participating in the network. The second identified non-monetary forms of support that institutional actors possibly could offer individuals. The third explored in more detail how resources already available within the Edgeryders network could be leveraged for mutual cooperative support. The second policy track explored how we could better go about supporting bottom-up social infrastructures that regenerate human potential. In various parts of Europe, at hyper local scales, innovative doers are prototyping groundbreaking ways that combine community spirit, peer to peer learning and economic value, while increasing resilience. Initiatives such as Incredible Edible Todmorden, the Stroud Open Gardens and Community Supported Agriculture projects in the UK or the Prinzessinnengarten in Berlin are all based on a community volunteering model: some are using donated public land as they grow (organic) food; connect with vendors to generate revenues and become self-sustainable; or campaign for the learning of food-growing in schools. Despite much talk about social innovation, policies that fosters, supports and coordinate these efforts are patchy at best. The actionable is a blueprint for latching innovative, radical initiatives resulting in social cohesion to existing public policy frameworks.

What came out of this track?

Edgeryders Venture Social Capital Fund Model (work in progress)

Proposals for Edgeryders Organisation in three cases      (2 scenarios: no funding & little funding)

Proposals for UnMonetary support (work in progress)


Community Action Hero Challenge:

The two final days were dedicated to seeing how we can collaborate to drive the community forward, making use of the huge amount of resources we have collectively. Aside from using these days as an opportunity to know each other better and gather support for our initiatives, we have been discussing ways to generate revenues for collective projects, a new website wishlist session, a hackathon to design the website, a network weaving workshop and more, all in two days and parallel small workshops.

What came out of this track?

Help build the Edgeryders Life Support system!

Internet bubbles and censorship; privacy 101 session

Want to join the Edgeryders Translocal Expert Exchange program?

The Edgeryders Knowledge Integration Program (coming online soon)

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