After OuiShareFest

I want to propose looking into how we can use our existing components like Community Tools - to build cooperation between community platforms.

One interesting example is Marinexplore oceanographers community: Let's not forget community energy and trust which is quite well thought out. They share marine data and analysis between each other and use the platform to build on common knowledgebase. About 4000 people use it.



Henri, good to meet you and glad you joined the community.

I didnt know about Community Tools, looks interesting. Are you involved with them as developer or user? What i understand at first glance is that they provide a tool helping communities build a friendly common webspace, something that many may try to get at when building their online platforms. including us. We did it with Edgeryders 1.0 where we inserted gamification elements: learderboards, totems and badges awarded to most active members (now at also played a bit with mapping tools (external) and now strive to do the same with this new website…

Now, what exactly do you have in mind? Is it something about interoperability among different community platforms, connecting Edgeryders with others? And further, do you have a preference for specific topics, something you are interested to learn more of? I’m looking at marineexplore and love how it is veery focused on building common database…

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Got slides from Ouisharefest

Henri, I thought your presentation of Community Tools during Ouisharefest was really interesting. Do you have the slides up anywhere? And how much is compatible with Drupal social commons?

I think tools, processes but even more social norms are crucial as  the link between the local and global/interactions.  It’s tricky, and something we need to think about more together I think. I am especially interested in this because i think some way of finding others in our local environments with whom to collaborate, keeping track of what we do, and comparing it with what we have done before is essential if we want to get better and have more impact. As well as share our knowledge and learn from others.

For example, below is a map that someone set up to help us find other Edgeryders according to geographic location. It has a nice interface, but we have to add the data into it manually which ofcourse ends up being done very seldom. Any tools in your magic bag of trix?

I guess I am asking what constellation of tools, process and practices we could realistically use to effectively link online discussions and offline meetings effectively. If we could figure that out I think we could everage the benefits of both to better support community members in our work as individuals but also collectively.

Next up: Following the event in paris there are many different conversations spread out over multiple platforms. The worst ofcourse is that a lot of the conversation happens in FB. Which effectively shuts out the freesofties like our favourite @Rysiek.

Also so much valuable data is just thrown away to FB when we could be using it to make a case of what people in the sharing economy really are contributing, and making projects legible to wider society. Facebook could go belly up at anytime, and then all our conversations…ideas, links etc would vanish with it. Over a number of years that is a significant body of work…OK done with the rant!

Developer perspective

Henri, welcome to Edgeryders :slight_smile: Enhancing collaboration between platforms is an urgent need indeed, and we have discussed it time and again here. Technically, the best solution would be having protocols for connecting platforms (thinks like SMTP for e-mail, HTTP for the web).

For example, a protocol to make a live cross-platform search accessible from within ones own platform. The sad thing is, protocol development is a multi-year effort. So we should start small, and I guess that’s your intention as well. For example, approaching one of the Sharing Economy directories (like or to collaborate on a custom search in such a directory, looking through all the connected sites but only these …

no need to ‘start from scratch’ :wink:

i don’t work with dupal myself but will keep it in drupal context if you wish:

  • authentication
    • (W3C)
    • (Mozilla)
  • badges
    • (Mozilla)

i could do some more digging, also long time ago i did this presentation: “Federated Social Web on Drupal” (once again I don’t really work with drupal :smiley: ) Federated Social Web on Drupal on Vimeo