Agroecology & self-supply


Very nice subject this: timely, even ahead of its time. Where are things at as of today, 6th June 2016? There is some like minded people at Chisholme House, Scottish Borders. We grow a lot of food & can possibly organise workshops. Come up for a visit if you can.


I’d love to

Hi Hannes,

I’d love to come up and join you for a week over the summer. I had a quick look on the website and i could come along for the August volunteer week.

What do i do next?


Good week at Chisholme


Hi Alex,

Please sign up on the website

More info on the website and from

All the best,


re: Where are things…

Good to hear from you @Hannes, since LOTE5 in Brussels you mentioned looking into rural communities of support. Are you based permanently at Chisholme?

I think it’s a good example of yours to post about such opportunities and if you are interested in news from the network I hope you are receiving Natalia’s newsletters - this from a few days ago. We might include your invitation in the next issue in 2 weeks :slight_smile:

Other than that, there are more collaborative housing initiatives going on right now:


Thanks for pointing me to the Newsletter. Looks nice and quite a lot like the Chisholme one

Interesting to see the other projects, would be great to visit.