Ahem... right, this is where I want to be

It only took me 15 opened doors (tabs) to find it. blush

Hello everyone!!!

Cool to see that you have community calls on: https://edgeryders.eu/en/blog/community-newsletter-9-04-2015-the-weekly-community-calls-are

I’ll try to make it to some soon. In the meantime, if someone thinks I could help out anywhere - please give me a nudge.

I don’t have it in my account but I can help translate stuff into English, or German. Perhaps also from French (need the practice), or Swedish (yeah, I know that offer is pretty pointless - but I can still proof read). If you have something I can give technical (nuts and bolts) advice on I’d be more than happy to!

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You found it!

Yaay… I do hope you didn’t spent the last 5 hours since signup looking for this!

Normally this is the process, I as community manager message new folks and say “check out the Arrivals group and introduce yourself in a post- link to it”.

Where are you based? Should we try to connect you with Edgeryders nearby…?

There’s a reason for the blush-emoticon…

though to be honest I spent most of the time looking through the discussions. The navibar on top was almost never visible, so I mostly hopped from one topic to the next without thinking I might pop in here to give a decent general hello.

About your offer: indeed I would like to meet Edgeryders from Marseille - although I would be somewhat surprised if there are any. That’s one reason why I added a couple of other options in my account info…


@Betta_83 Are you still around here (and in Marseille)?

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