Airbus Event: The future of mobility “Why stop at zero?”


Airbus Defence & Space Innovation is running a global innovation challenge under the theme “Why-stop-at-zero?” together with support from the World Economic Forum. The event will present over 70 companies from around the globe that have been competing to be one of ten finalists to present their innovations to a jury panel.

Edgeryders will be there to meet the finalists and explore their work thanks to @trythis. The event takes place in Munich, but it is also **possible to virtually join the finalist event on 15th July from 14:30 to 19:00.

Registration for the event here.

Yesterday looking at some of what people have come up with as part of the challenge (the finalist projects are being presented at the awards ceremony later today).

I will get around to writing a post about what i learned. For now these are some keywords to look up: Centreless wheels, Construction and deconstruction, Hydrogen fuel, Synthetic modelling, data and intelligence vs. AI based modelling systems, gear free Transmission, Ocado, Autostore, Runwithit Synthetics.