Alex Levene

Alex is a poet, creative producer and artistic programmer from the UK. He works across performance and theatrical arts. An independent theatre producer specialising in artistic and business development for emerging performance artists in the UK, he manages the artist and community partnership program for a venue in Bedford, UK. As an artist he is drawn to the performance and development of ritual; within personal and public spaces and on a personal and public level.

Selection of relevant artistic experience:
Arts Coordinator - The Place Bedford, UK (2009-2014).
Developing the artistic program of professional theatre from scratch.

Project and Venue Manager - C Venues Edinburgh (2014-17).
Pre-festival set up, and development of performance spaces from scratch for Edinburgh Fringe Festival, the largest performing arts festival in the world.

Associate Producer - Turnpike Productions. (2019)
Artistic and business development for a stable of 12 theatre companies based in the UK. Supporting the development and presentation of new works of contemporary theatre, in the UK, Europe and around the world.

Project lead for Econ Sci-Fi (Edgeryders 2018).
Developing a new format for engaging with economics and the future of governance through speculative fiction. In partnership with UNDP Istanbul.

Associate Producer - Programming & Partnerships - The Place Bedford (2016-present)

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