Algerian food bank #DirElkhir

Algerian Food Bank is the first such food bank in the history of Algeria

it was initiated by SIDRA Association in July 5, 2013, and this  project is non-profit aiming to collect, manage and share food and provisions for free or almost free to the poor in an effective and sustainable manner. Algerian Food Bank allows everyone the possibility to participate in charity work, either financing or working as a volunteer. By filling in a form on the official

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hello and welcome @hirochima02

this seems like a very nice idea . is it connected with the Egyptian one (bank al ta’am) ?

and do u offer other kinds of help besides the food ?

and how do u identify the “poor” in order to give them the help needed ?

sorry for asking too many questions , it’s just because I was involved with the Egyptian food bank - as a volunteer and as a member of a consultant office for a project where the bank was the donor - and I am curious to know if they r connected , what’s the situation in Algeria and how can we learn from each other

looking forward to know more from u

Leveraging existing cultural institutions

Hello and welcome, @hirochima02. In a different thread, also coming from North Africa, Hazem pointed out that Arab cultural institutions facilitate this kind of community work. He writes (full comment here):

in each neighbourhood there is always this old man - or trusted person- that people trust him to give him their ZAKAA ( it is the amount of money muslims have to give for charity) and he has his network so he can give it to those who are in need . Also these guys can be involved in raising money for such projects ( not with the zakaa money ) but they are trusted and people know if they gave them their money it will be used in the intended cause

another economical model is used also based on trust is called EL GAMA’IA it is when a group of people decide to collect money with each other without any banks or any official stuff . ( let’s say 10 people each month for 10 months give 100 pounds to the one responsible and each month someone gets the 1000 pounds and it rotates till all of the 10 people got the 1000 pounds ) it is has its own rules and regulations but the most importat one is the trust issue , u can enter one of these system if u are trusted or recommended by a “trusted” person

Is this similar to your Algerian experience?