All you need for a poppin Twitterstorm is right here. Introducing the "Social Exchange" Variation

I’ve designed a variation of the Twitterstorm idea, keeping in mind that what we want is to proliferate as many tweets that send traffic to links as possible. Ironically, the best way to do that is to not rely on our website (for Twitterstorm engagement and logistics purposes) because with this solution I’ve create a really dynamic page that holds users into a kind of hypnotized user flow, and everything they need to do is in one place, and its visually appealing. The experience itself gives our audiences a quid pro quo to sweeten the deal. Hence, “the exchange”. Hope you guys like it. I propose that we all simplify the Twitterstorm process by relying on this flyer vehicle to connect with others leading up to Monday.

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I like it

@saidhamideh: tell me more :slight_smile:

So I’m a visitor: it’s unclear where my tweet goes (I submitted one) and if it will be tweeted during the twitterstorm or not?

Should we be using the facebook comments at the bottom of the page for live coordination replacing the dashboard page we had in mind?

I like it that I don’t have to sign up there, and I can participate.

I also like it that we can build in a longer list of tweets examples with links that people can just copy paste if they like.

I am now about to send an email to all futurespotters, should I include this ? Do you think you can customize it to include a description of the twitterstorm and especially the futurespotters hashtag?

This may be just what we needed, thank you!

PS Just to agree: can we use tomorrow & Friday and between the 2 of us to ping influencers and the greater edgeryders community?? It’s important that people who can join will know about it.

Ops narrative!

Can you replace the we vs you discourse with something like:

“Hey Edgeryders and global enthusiasts, this is the place where we’re coordinating the twitterstorm! The purpose is to showcase futurespotters work, particularly in Georgia, Armenia, Egypt, so use this event to let the world know about your initiative. Share a tweet you want to go out in your own language, and also feel free to copy some of the more general examples below. Let’s make it worthwhile for all, and help each other shine etc”

-something like this … feel free to add/remove stuff, maybe to address other global edgeryders as well… the more inclusive the message is, the better :slight_smile:


I added some clarity to show what exactly we’ll do with peoples’ form submissions. thanks for the feedback. I have to go offline for a bit, but I’ll come back and try to soften up the we vs. you language. I just wanted to make it clear that this is a kind of experimental exchange.

But your points are noted. The form is live and can be used immediately, if that is what you guys are cool with doing. The analytics for this flyer service are excellent, btw.

Interesting idea

But I still don’t understand. The part where I submit a tweet is immediately clear. But what am I supposed to do with the “pick a tweet” section? Copy, then paste into a tweet? This is not great UI. You might wish to use a Tweet This button, courtesy of Twitter API (which is why Facebook will always suck at these things). You need to be able to embed either Javascript or iFrame into the code of your page.

Alberto check it now

Hope I’ve made it more clear and made a better UI, short of introducing iframes and javascript into the form which doesn’t seem to be supported. The tweets included are just placeholders for now. @alberto

This works!

Yep, this will work. Less cool than the Javascript/iFrame, but better than good enough. Well done, @saidhamideh. I am definitely up for trying this.

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ok so…

@noemi. give me a heads up and I’ll start taking charge in ways that I can. cc: @nadia are you cool with all of this?

Yes sorry Im am afk for a couple of days for health reasons.

this looks fine. thanks. Very narrow bandwidth right now. Please give me for dummies instructions for monday.

more "for dummies " instructions needed indeed

guys ! am getting confused . are we supposed to copy and past the tweets spreadsheet (3 languages )into this ?

and it will post them via edgeryders twitter account .

also for personal tweets . put them into this or tweet from personal account ??

@saidhamideh  can u clarify more . am new to all this

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you dont have to

Im going to put the final tweets into this page, however there are so many tweets that it would defeat the purpose of this digital flyer to cram 100 tweets into it. I’m thinking of adding 5 or 6 tweets into the flyer plus a “see more” link so that people can explore the full list of tweets. It’s the same reason the highly successfull grocery store, Trader Joes, only gives you two choices of peanut butter. Too many choices is actually paralyzing. But for those who want to sift through many I think we should have that option. I understand that the spreadsheet is a private document, but maybe I could create a public version of the full tweet list. @noemi this is what i wanted to talk to you about yesterday, but i didn’t have time to.

yes, @hazem, everyone is tweeting from their personal account.

its ready

feel free to share the news about this “dashboard”

Edgeryders #Twitterstorm Event | Smore Newsletters

If there is an email going out to the entire list about twitterstorm, then I’d like to include a paragraph about this dashboard. @noemi