Almost 3 months in Sidi Kaouki's house

I am Hadeer arrived the REEF house with the crew coming from Egypt @Ghassan_faisal @m_tantawy and Noha on 13.02 and lived there till 29.04. I knew first about Edgeryders from @hazem when I first used the platform to talk about Trash into Toys then he explained to me the openvilage house and we discussed what we can do to engage the house with the community we live in.

We wanted to do many projects with the community especially the school but knocking the official doors first through the school and the local association didn’t work well, you can know more here . However, While we were trying to do it officially, we developed good relation with the families in the village that they would invite us to their houses and from that we held multiple workshops in their houses, you can see the main activities here with @komitas , here and finally @matthias one-one bicycle workshop to Yassin who told us latter that he is aiming ti fix his friends bikes as well.

Living between the house and the village brought a lot of special moments to me, the most recent one was when we had a meal consist of bread made by ourselves , Argan oil we participated in its extraction and “Samin” we watched the process of making it. It was eating something 100% Sidi Kaoukian we witnessed ourselves starting from its raw materials.

Process of extracting argan oil

Village life inspired me a lot of the lifestyle I am comfortable with that I am learning now more about agriculture and communities having this lifestyle. Moreover, living with people having different expertises taught me a lot being introduced to things for me was kind of magic. Examples Dates magic from @islem, also the machine learning by @Imake, Photorealistic 3D visualization @Sofien-Dahem , migrating to more open uncontrolled digital life from @matthias and more and moreeeee.


Hello @HadeerGhareeb, you have been an inspiration for me throughout your time at Kaouki. I really appreciate your willingness to engage with the local community, something that I felt the need for during my own, much shorter time in the House. Also, these are really great pictures! I am looking forward to meeting you in person, maybe it will happen soon enough :slight_smile:

What is next for you? How can we (you and Edgeryders) stay in touch, maybe work on something together? Any plans?


Ohhh, thank you.
I love to know about people and connect them wherever they are. I used to do that in Egypt then while I was in India and Colombia before finally with Edgeryders in Morocco, this is through Trash into Toys or other projects. So I think we can always do that together.

At this time of my life, I am exploring the ways of living and lifestyles that i can have therefore I keep looking for new experiences to learn new stuff, like now with digital things, agriculture and anything will pop up making me wants to jump into :smiley:


Hei @HadeerGhareeb, same here… great to read you and your work is so inspiring for those of us watching.

So you are not looking to make something for the longer time but to keep being involved in open and diverse activities.
Would you do this co-working and co-living thing again ?? Maybe go to another Open Village house as a mentor?

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sure, this will be always something I would love to do :slight_smile:


I would have liked to stay longer…I thought I was going to return but it didn’t work out. Hadeer - we will meet again!

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hello hadeer , so nice to read this , i can see how helpful and inspiring you are as well as your will to communicate and exchange with others . I can only thank you for the great job that you are doing by creating positive change . keep up

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