Alternative to CO2 reduction? :)

Well we could stop destroying so many forests to start with but this is a cool way to use technology to plant over all the hostile/inaccessible areas :slight_smile:.

What do you think about designing all new buildings in such a way that we can always return the surface we took from earth (like green roofs, terrace gardens etc)? There are many ways we can reduce the CO2 increase.
Combining that with vertical farming could increase yield by a lot while reducing our harmful impact on environment.

Is there a transparent way any government actually shows where the taxpayer’s money is actually going? Now there is tax increase for diesel, tax increase for this and for that because of environment. Well I have no issues with tax increase to preserve our environment because it directly impacts our wellbeing and quality of life but I would have an issue if I knew they are using it as an excuse to get more money into that bottomless pit called Belgian government and then subsidizing some crap :wink:.