alternative to dropbox

hey all, what’s a good alternative to dropbox?

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ownCloud is a good alternative if you’re willing to host it yourself or know someone who’s willing to give you some space on theirs. I don’t use it though, still on Dropbox for convenience.

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A couple of years ago, owncloud was forked. The fork is called nextcloud and seems to have more traction and some people say is set up in a more independent way (regarding finances and stuff). I cannot judge for you, but my interpretation of the situation is that you should strongly favor using nextcloud.

Now, nextcloud is the name of the software, which needs to run on a server somewhere in the internet. You probably search such a service provider.

Framasoft offers

and fairkom

Both offers are free (with limited space) and the organisations behind them are cool, using 100% Open Source and sit in Europe (important regarding Privacy regulations).

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