AMA - Onboarding and planning

Here, we onboard the “speakers” for AMA’s.

1. How does the Edgrydres AMA format work and what do you have to do?
The AMA format on Edgeryder platform is conducted as a “live-chat” event. Instead of an event or online call, the “speakers” show up for a live chat event. During that time they will be availble to answer questions in a thread on the Edgeryders platfrom in writing.
The questions are submitted ahead of the and live during the event.

  • Why do we do it this way?
    • This way everyone can get their question heard.
    • Our research is based on written on platform conversations that dive deep into topics. This way we generate the best data for our ethnographic team to code and work with.
      * This way people can also read and react to the conversation after the event.

2. What does the “speaker” need to do:

  • Before the event:
  1. Schedule a time with us for the "live chat"

  2. Sign up to the platform and prepare a short paragraph or two of description to post on the Edgeryders platform (around 5-3 weeks before the live event). The easiest way for you to do so would be

    • While the description can be kept brief, it should be substantive enough for community members to get a good sense of your work and to engage with it without asking too many clarifying questions.

    Leading up to the live AMA, community members will respond to your post with comments and questions. Ideally, you would begin answering some of these questions before the event begins. This helps spark more in-depth discussion during the live event.

    EdgeRyders has a very heterogeneous community from a range of disciplinary backgrounds and interests (activists, practitioners, academics, designers), and given the nature of our research, many are interested in the policy implications of current and emerging technologies. This might be helpful to keep in mind for the discussion.

The easiest way to get onboarded and prepare for the event is by filling out this form:

  • During the event: be online on our platform for an hour to answer any questions community members have, if possible join already 30-15 minutes early to start reading and answering the questions that were submitted before the live event.
  • After the event: check in on the thread a week after the event to see if there are any lingering questions o discussions you would like to address.
    You might not be able to engage with all community questions during the event and sometimes community members will add questions and comments later on.

3. Form link to send to “speakers” to fill out:

4. Answers to the form a posted in this thread: AMA - Onboarding and planning. (From where they can be edited to serve as the basis for the event post.)

Thank you for contributing to meaningful discussions and research!

When would it suit you for the 1 live chat?
I am in California time zone, so anytime after 8am in the morning

What should be the titel of you AMA event?
pls ask ROB

Please, introduce yourself:
pls ask ROB for a copy of the bio

Please, introduce the topic of your AMA:
pls ask ROB

Ping @Robvan see above, could you maybe help out here?